As a RCCG Pastor, ask Adeboye if you acted properly – Bishop slams Bolanle Ambode

The eviction of Presiding Chaplain of the Chapel of Christ the Light, Alausa, has angered Church leaders, with Rt. Rev. Adeyemi, head the African Church, Ifako Diocese, asking Bolanle Ambode to seek counsel from RCCG leader, Enoch Adeboye, over the incidence.

“Mrs Ambode is a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, let her go and ask the RCCG Pastor, Enoch Adeboye, whether what she did was the right thing to do to a minister of God,” Rt. Rev. Adeyemi fumed.

The cleric was reacting to the incident which allegedly made Governor Akinwunmi Ambode prompt the Governing Council, Chapel of Christ the Light branch in Alausa, to remove Taiwo as Chaplain.

Taiwo got the sack letter without any query or official reason and was ordered to exit his official quarters where he lived with his wife and two children within 24 hours of receiving the letter.

Pleas from church leaders and elders failed to save the cleric, who still had two years to spend as the presiding chaplain.

Taiwo had allegedly angered the governor’s wife, Bolanle Ambode, who had visited the chapel on Sunday, May 14, when the church held an anointing service.

He was accused of not recognising Ambode’s wife during service and also did not give her preference while giving anointing to some members of the congregation who stepped forward to be blessed.

At the weekend, news broke that evicted Venerable Femi Taiwo has been blessed with a fully furnished apartment, by church members who were miffed by the treatment.

But in an interview with Punch, Rt. Rev. Adeyemi, recalled that he was on his desk when the sack letter for Taiwo was received and confirmed that the 24-hour ultimatum to pack out of his apartment was truly stated.

“I was in my office when he (Venerable Taiwo) called me that they asked him to pack out within 24 hours and that he was even told that the governor’s wife would not like to hear that he was still being seen around”, he told Punch.

“Then we started wondering what could have happened? Somebody that has a wife and kids, and you asked him to go within 24 hours? Where do you expect him to go?

“This is very ungodly! It is a sacrilege for someone who happens to be a Christian. Even when Fashola (former Lagos State Governor) was there, despite being a Muslim, he never took such a decision. Now that the governor (Ambode) is a Christian, which we all fought for, he is the one taking ungodly decisions.

“We have written letters to CAN and CCN, including the Methodist Church where the Venerable Taiwo’s assistant came from, that if Mrs. Ambode, is trying to cause divide and rule among the Christians, she should go ahead. We are not afraid of anything.

“We understand that Mrs. Ambode is also a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, let her go and ask the RCCG Pastor, Enoch Adeboye, whether what she did was the right thing to do to a minister of God. It is ungodly and very sad”.

The cleric lamented that some government officials don’t respect because they lack the fear of God.

“They are conscious of position and money and with this, the society cannot move forward. Also, our religious leaders have messed themselves up because of money. They are patronising the politicians and they are making them to believe that their anointing is not real.

“But I believe that any politician, who has the fear of God in him, even if any minister misbehaves, you are not the one to judge him. You should ensure you do your part. If Ambode or his wife knows the tenets of Christianity, they will not deal with Venerable Taiwo like that. They will know that this is a man of God.

“They should have said have written to us, saying they don’t want to embarrass the church and we as a church would have handled it. We have a lot of other ministers across the state and the country. But they didn’t do that because there is no fear of God in them. They are not ready to submit to the Will and Word of God. Ego is killing us.

“If not ego, why should Mrs. Ambode feel embarrassed that she was not called first to receive the anointing? But when ego takes the better part of any individual, that person will misbehave and if you tell him or her the truth, he or she will not agree”.

Rt. Rev. Adeyemi further disclosed that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Christian Council of Nigeria, have waded into the matter.

“Yes, CAN and CCN have been trying to do some underground work to ensure that the matter did not get to this level. But now that it has got to this point, we have served them letters and I am sure they know what to do”.

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“Buhari has failed, Nigerians must reject APC, PDP in 2019”

Sheikh (Dr) Ahmad Abubakar Gumi has declared the President Muhammadu Buhari APC-led administration as a failure.

The Islamic scholar said this in his assessment of Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the last two years.

He noted that the general assessment of government’s performance was below the expectation of Nigerians, and urged Nigerians to reject both the APC and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) if they really desire a new lease of life.

His words: “The problem is that no matter how good you are as a leader, you should have a team. If you put Maradona in a bad team, no one will pass the ball to him in order to score a goal. The APC government has failed for lack of a team”.

“Every failure has reasons. When a patient dies in the hospital, there is usually a post-mortem examination to determine the direct cause of death. We have symptoms but they may not be the cause of death.

“The widespread suffering in the country is a symptom of an underlying disease afflicting the nation that needs to be tackled. But if the government has been listening all along, it could have alleviated the problem or it could have done more than it is doing.

“I can imagine somebody who has nothing. How is he surviving? How is he paying his children’s school fees? How can he treat his children when they are sick? How can he feed? So, when you look at all these indices, you will know that it is a miracle that we are still existing.

“So, if we want to do a post mortem on this government, you have to look far beyond the inception of the administration. Like I said, they inherited some of the defects and the solution would have been to manage Nigeria as a critically ill patient”.

Gumi, a medical doctor, also stated that Nigeria is not united. He said the APC took over a divided country and that what political scientists needed to do at that time was to design a template without dividing Nigeria.

“Now, there is too much hostility and bad blood in the country. All I know is that all Nigerians are one. What we need was someone to correct us”, he told newsmen.

“This is the time to bring people together, the kind of leader that Nigeria needs at this critical time is the one that can pacify. Not one that will show that he is clean and the other person is dirty. No. He should show that we are all dirty, let us all come and clean ourselves.

“So, the so-called clean party which has the broom, who is it trying to sweep? It is so antagonistic. It is so provocative that it has divided the country. If your house is also dirty, you cannot clean someone’s house. People thought that change is coming when it was not possible to effect that change.

Gumi fumed that top officials were getting away with stealing and corruption and cited examples.

“The allegations of corruption are already been made against the (suspended) Secretary to the Government of the Federation, of a government that is fighting corruption. And the government cannot do anything besides suspension.

“The present administration came to rule Nigeria using the slogan of war against corruption and this is disrupting the unity of the country. The unity of the country is more important than the money that people stole; more important than the current underdevelopment that we are witnessing”.

Asked the way out of Nigeria’s problems, Sheikh Gumi advised that before 2019, politics has to change completely and drastically.

“No more APC or PDP”, he declared, adding that “once they continue, Nigeria’s problems will continue. What I am saying is that they should metamorphose, they should change. When you see a butterfly, there was a time when it was a larva.

“The parties have to change; PDP has to change, APC has to change or it will break because it is an alloy which is not well moulded. We want these parties to change because of the future of our children.

“The major defect of APC is that it is a party which was grown by the power of individuals; Buhari in the North and Tinubu in the South West. And there is danger in this kind of politics. Look at Mugabe now, he has suppressed and pinned down everybody in Zimbabwe and he has been winning elections in quote.

“If we continue along this path, Nigeria will be like that. When we have somebody who feels that he is the Messiah, then we are in trouble because as I am speaking to you now, not everybody in the North can speak to you like this.”

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Nigerian government releases N54bn to settle workers’ pension

Nigerian Government has directed the release of N54 billion towards the settlement of inherited and current liabilities to Federal Government retirees under the Contributory Pension Scheme. Presidential spokesman, Malam Garba Shehu, made the disclosure in an interactive radio programme, “Hannu Da Yawa” on the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN Kaduna. He said the administration […]

Nigerian government releases N54bn to settle workers’ pension

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How woman sold her four children without husband’s consent in Lagos

Policemen of the Area M Command, Idimu have arrested a woman who allegedly sold her four children in Lagos state. According to PM express, the woman sold four out of her five children to different buyers without the knowledge of her husband. A petition by her husband to the Area Command, Assistant Commissioner of Police, […]

How woman sold her four children without husband’s consent in Lagos

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