‘My husband dealt me heavy blows and later administer drugs on me’

A hairdresser has approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos State, asking for the dissolution of her six-year-old marriage.

The petitioner, Mrs. Rhoda Opaneye told the court that her husband, Adeolu, was  fond of beating her.

“I am afraid  I would die suddenly one day. He beats me anyhow. The last time we fought, he broke my arm. I had to spend almost N150,000 trying to set my arm. He beats me even when I am pregnant.

“I complained to his parents but his mother told me that I should go and pray about it. She has even stopped picking my calls.

“He beats me at the slightest provocation. If  the food is salty, he would pour the hot food on me and beat me. If I don’t iron his clothes well, he would beat me and threaten to burn me with  pressing iron.

“He meets my needs and that of our son, but I believe he finds pleasure in beating me. He would beat me and buy drugs me drugs after.

“I want to end this marriage because I don’t want to die. I also want custody of our five-year-old son. I also want this court to order him to pay for a new house for us and also pay for our upkeep,” she said.

The respondent however denied beating his wife.

“We fight, but I don’t beat her. She is too stubborn for my liking. If I try to correct her she would flare up. She keeps repeating the same mistakes all the time. I don’t want to end this marriage  because I still love my wife. I promise to change my ways,” he said.

The  court president adjourned the case till June 28.  .

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