Is this an ectopic pregnancy?

My last pregnancy was an Ectopic Pregnancy which was removed by operation. I am now 7 weeks pregnant. The Ultra sound scan I did showed an ‘intrauterine gestation sac but no foetal pole’. I was asked to come back in two weeks time. I hope this is not another ectopic Pregnancy?

Jemilat (by SMS)

No, it is not. Since the ultrasound showed ‘an intrauterine gestation sac’ it has confirmed the fact that your pregnancy is a real one in the proper place and not in the tube as is the case for ectopic pregnancies. An Ectopic pregnancy as the name implies is a pregnancy that is not in the womb (uterus). Usually, such pregnancies are in the fallopian tubes but your present pregnancy is in the proper place, the womb.

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