Nigerian artistes focus more on fame than good music —Leke King

What prompted you to start music?

Music brought me out of my shell about 22 years ago in my church, St James Cathedral, Oke Bola, Ibadan.  I saw a very young boy playing the keyboard so well at our youth church I was dazed.  I told my cousin sitting next to me that I would like to learn how to play too and she encouraged me. I later walked up to the main pianist and made my intention known to him and he said I would have to join the choir before I could have access to any instrument. So I joined the choir. However, retrospectively, I got inspiration and this prompted me to start music.


What kind of music do you do?

I do gospel highlife, and also perform at occasions like weddings, birthdays, burials etc with the help of my band called the Revolution band. The band was formed in 2005. I also do commercials.


Who are your music mentors/inspiration and how have they shaped your music?

My mentors are King Sunny Ade, Beautiful Nubia, Michael Jackson and Baba Ara, to mention just a few. I get inspired whenever I’m listening to their ever green songs.

I’ve had opportunity to speak with King Sunny Ade on phone and I always remember his kindness, fatherly advice and fervent prayers for me to excel in my music career.

What challenges have you faced in your career?

My life, music and challenge. I have faced a lot in the industry. But the major challenge is funding.


What would you say impedes the upcoming artistes in Nigeria to succeed?

I would say the inability to ponder on the kind of music being produced. They focus more on fame than producing good music, brainstorming and thorough critic the lyrics of the song, beats which is very vital.

Also, upcoming artiste give up easily when facing financial challenge. Lastly, upcoming artistes must be ready to pay the price of patience, do more research, and seek for opportunities.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see Leke King becoming a house hold name. I also see myself fulfilled in my music career, touring different parts of the world, dining and sitting with the kings and queens, happily married and blessed with wonderful kids.

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