Governor Ugwuanyi, attend to this community

The residents of Nomeh-Unateze Town Union, Aba Branch, are happy to identify with the Enugu State governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuwanyi, and his administration. We have an unshakable resolve to give his regime all the needed support.

Your Excellency, it is with broken hearts that the members of Nomeh-Unateze Town Union, Aba Branch in Nkanu East Local Government Area, write to bring our problems to your attention.

Since the founding of Nomeh-Unateze ages ago, the people have never seen a good road. This is not a thing of joy.

Nomeh-Unateze people are predominantly farmers. We produce large quantities of various food items.

Nomeh-Unateze has a modern farm which was commissioned by Governor Nwodo in 1992. However,  because of the lack of a good road, the farm has ceased to exist. Our market, Eke Nomeh, is not functioning, also because of the bad road.

Our community secondary school, built with our sweat and hard-earned contributions and handed over to the government, is becoming an albatross to the community because there is no good road for the students posted there to use.

The water that we drink is from Nvuna river and is not hygienic.  Our health centre no longer serve the people. Many pregnant women give birth in their homes because there are no good clinics.

The only petroleum filling station in the community cannot deliver petroleum products to the people because of the poor road. In fact, we are in a fix and a quandary.

Your Excellency, with you as our able and god-sentgovernor of Enugu State, we hope that Nomeh-Unateze will witness a turnaround.

If your administration gives us a tarred road, Nomeh-Unateze people will write your name in gold for the next generation to come to know about it.

The road from Nenwe highway to Nomeh is four kilometers and it leads to Mburubu Nkerefi Nara to Ugboka Agbani.

Your Excellency, we wish you and your administration wisdom, good health, protection and peace to rule Enugu State, so that the state can enjoy the dividends of democracy.

  • Augustine Okafor


Enugu State                                                                       



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