The Oscar-Nominated ‘Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron’ Is Getting A Reboot

In 2002, between two chapters of Shrek, Dreamworks studios produced an animated feature called Spirit: Stallion of the CimarronThe film follows the adventures of a wild mustang who is curious about humans.

Captured by soldiers and trained to be an army horse, Spirit is saved by a native American named Little Creek. A beautiful friendship develops between them and the stallion is able to run free again.

Even though the film was nominated for Best Animation at the Oscars, Dreamworks never made a sequel. That's where Netflix comes in. Dreamworks and Networks have decided to tell the rest of Spirit's story with an animated series called Spirit Riding Free.

However, lots of changes are being made to the original work. Matt Damon will no longer be the voice actor for Spirit and the animations won't be done by hand. Instead, they will be computer generated – a choice that may bother purists.

Girl Power

Although the animated series is being marketed as a spin-off, it's actually going to be more like a reboot with a brand new story. Spirit will be caught by humans once again and they will try to domesticate him.

He will once again be saved, but this time by a horse lover named Lucky. Along with her two friends Pru and Abigail, Lucky blossoms as she rides Spirit across the American west.

The animated series is also adapting to modern times, incorporating a little girl power by replacing Little Creek and other male characters with female ones.

The first season of Spirit Riding Free will be split into 22 episodes. Aury Wallington (Heroes, Veronica Mars) is both showrunner and executive producer along with Jim Schumann (Monsters vs. Aliens).

The show will be available on Netflix starting May 5.

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