‘Westworld’: Evan Rachel Wood Teases The New Dolores

The end of season one saw Dolores reflect on her scenario and the important place she occupies in Westworld: of all the characters in the series, she’s the one with the most extensive storyline.

We now know that the show will take a leap in time for its new season and that the guests will find themselves embroiled in new plots. In Entertainment Weekly’s Spoiler Room, Evan Rachel Wood tells us a little more about her own perception of Dolores.


(Image: HBO)


 “I’m really curious to see the unleashed version of her that we caught a glimpse of at the very end of the finale. Those final seconds, I think we were seeing a completely different side to her, completely different programming and completely off of her leash, so I don’t think she will be the same person; she’ll be an evolved version.”


The end-of-season revelations about Dolores’ origins raise many questions. Even if at first she was a simple, innocent farmer's daughter, it is now clear that, as the episodes were unveiling, her artificial mind was the home to complex puzzles. Dolores will have to face her demons and regain control of her destiny in the park after the murder of Dr Ford.

There is no doubt that Westworld writers are buzzing with ideas and are working hard to explore the android’s darker side. Letting Reddit users guess once again the twists and turns of the series is out of the question. We’ll have to wait to discover this new version of Dolores though, since the show will not return until 2018.

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