Nothing To Do In Lagos? This Weekend See The Acclaimed ‘Timbuktu’ Or Eat Green

Every Friday, Nothing To Do In Lagos in partnership with Konbini, will be choosing the most exciting and diverse events happening around Lagos each weekend.

NTDIL has been kind enough to collate some of the best events happening in Lagos this weekend, and because we know making a choice can be too much of a chore, we decided to go through the events and pick the ones that have the most potential for a good weekend outing.

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From a vegan meetup to an Oscar-nominated foreign language film, we picked two events we think you might want to clear your calendar for. If you still want more options, you can check out NTDIL’s Instagram page or sign up to their weekly newsletter right here.

Lagos Vegans Meet Up

A Tibetan monk dubbed "the world's happiest man" swears that eating meat is the reason we feel unfulfilled.

If you believe the monk, the Lagos Vegan Meetup should be your weekend stop. They will be exploring the raw plant-based lifestyle – with food demonstrations, food sample tasting, film viewing and group discussions.

(Photo: Vegan in Nigeria)

(Photo: Vegan in Nigeria)

Film Sundays – Timbuktu

Influenced by a 2012 public stoning of an unmarried couple in Aguelhok, the Oscar-nominated Timbuktu is a moving film you absolutely need to see.

Timbuktu follows a Malian cattleman and his family as they face the wrath of Islamic fundamentalists after a tragic accident.


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